How do you get these tiny audio particles that are in your drum packs to sound like any drummer's acoustic drum set?

We start by mining royalty free flat drum hits of all kinds of different drum pieces and then process these with our “trade secret” Splitting Audio Atoms” sonic magic formula, method and process the results;  in 24 hours, a pack is generated that lets you become your favorite legendary drummer in a matter of seconds.

What does the customization tool do?

It lets you load into the library any finger tap drum packs that you purchase. Then you can take any of its audio realism particles and drop them into the 30 tracks, you also can set the volume of each track, until your drum sound is perfect for your band, new song you’re writing, drum track that is needed in the studio, etc.

What is in the customization tool software, and is it really free?

Yes, it is free to download, it contains:

The finger tap – mixer console Finger tap keyboard – configuration (so you can tap your custom packs you make) and a simple 2 track(stereo) digital recorder, that turn it on, finger tap your drum packs and it records your live performance into a wav file,  then name the file and save it in your library!

The particles aren't in sync, and they are not songs, is there any licensing involved?

Yes, we give 9.5 cents to the copyright holder, publisher, artist, etc. every time we sell a drum pack. We want bands/artists and the music industry to be on our side, and do not wish to prove that our finger tap drum pack audio particles surpass the mechanical compulsory license of the copyright act, and therefore agree to make the royalty payment of 9.5 cents whenever a finger tap drum pack is purchased.