Now anyone can become a professional drummer and can do so just by tapping the keys of their computer keyboard with just their fingers, like drumsticks!

Finger Tap Drums gives you the “Fantasy” of becoming any famous, legendary drummer you want to be, while at the same time providing you ground-breaking digital tools that will make you a professional drummer, in “Reality!”

This is not another rhythm game, it is powerful audio-tools “from the future” that sound exactly like the Band we make a drum pack of, and then we give you 100% control of these particles of sound, that you now can play and write your own drums with, for your own Band!


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How Does It Work?
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Our Finger Tap Drums lets you live the fantasy of playing drums that sound exactly like your favorite legendary drummer. Eliminating the learning curve of playing the drums would take years of drum lessons. Not only will you sound like famous drummers, you can also start a band, practice to become a studio drummer, and even write your own drum compositions. We provide the drum kit sounds of the drumming legends within an expanding library of sounds! You can even combine any of the Finger Tap Drum Packs in our packet library to customize your own sound from the best drum sounds in the world!

The Instant Musician – Mission Statement

Our goal is to create virtual and digital musical instruments that make it possible for anyone,
anywhere to become an “Instant Musician”.

Our company vision is to accomplish this for a wide variety of wind / string musical instruments
and do it without the need for music lessons or training.

Our Vision

Our company vision is to accomplish the “Instant Musician” goal for a wide variety of wind / string
musical instruments and do it without the need for music lessons or training.

just imagine that you have never played a musical instrument before but have always wanted to experience
what it would be like. Instant Musician’s “Splitting Audio Atoms” technology makes this fantasy possible.

How would you like to be able to live the fantasy of playing the rhythm and lead guitar of your favorite famous
guitarists, without years of lessons learning how to play a real guitar! Our Axe Guitar Project is going to make this a reality.
We already have it under Research & Development as a Physical Prototype Digital Guitar.

Imagine, that you’ve always dreamed of playing classical violin, but you just don’t have the dexterity in your hands,
or the patience to master the bow. Additional products will in the near future have you mastering a virtual Stradivarius
in just minutes!

Now picture someone that has always wanted to play the saxophone like Kenny G, and with our special “wind instrument” product line,
you’ll be able to instantly  play Kenny G’s version of Auld Lang Syne – sounding just like the legendary sax player, without
a single saxophone lesson and even write your own Saxophone solos with the smooth, rich audio DNA sound of Kenny G That also
is going to be possible with our digital saxophone device soon.

This and many other wind/string instruments can be part of the “Instant Musician” vision that you have read about in this Mission Statement.


To make everyone’s musical fantasy come true, and we are dedicated to solving the complex scientific formulas that will bring
that fantasy to reality for millions of music lovers all over the world!


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