I always have been a musician by ear and learned how to play the guitar on my own. I started to think about how could I turn anyone into a professional sounding musician and specifically, making him or her into an instant drummer.

For years, drum machines have been great for making drum loops, and providing drum sounds to physically play on electronic drum sets. But the sounds of a drum machine have never truly captured the realism that I would hear when drummers that I jammed with would play their real acoustic drum sets. —– So I set my sights on accomplishing what seemed to be an impossible task of making the world’s only “drum machine” system that sounds 100% true-to-life. It also needed cut the learning curve, enabling anyone, anywhere to be an instant musician.

One night, lightly tapping on the table at the club, tapping my foot, and pretending to play tom fills in thin air,

— I came up with the name for this invention, “Finger Tap Drums.”

I also wanted it to be possible to Finger Tap in a simple but fun interactive tutorial setting so that anyone could become an instant drummer. Drum machines have limited numbers of button-pads to press, but for my invention Finger Tap Drums needed to be a standalone PC or portable laptop version that has lots of keys that could be played just by tapping them with your fingers.

I also realized that in the electronic drum machine world sound libraries were very limited. They had generic names such as “rock, country, metal” that were inspired by Ray Kurtzweil, the famous inventor who made the Kurtzweil – Synthesizer, and after tons of scientific testing created the algorithms for my trade secret formula.

My program allowed me to take the kick drum of Def Leppard, and mix it with another band’s snare drum and then add in the toms of Van Halen’s jump song’s drum kit! It was just endless. Whatever the library became from creating new finger tap drum packs, the more drum sounds became available for me to create my own customized drum packs. I was then able to play these custom packs with my 100% true-to-life sounding Finger Tap Software!

This is the Genesis Story of how Finger Tap Drums came to be